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Adult Ballet for Beginners

Students of all levels of physical ability may attend. No prior experience is needed. The basics of ballet technique will be taught with a view to increasing the difficulty as the class progresses. The class will follow a typical format starting with Barre work, moving to the Center, followed by the Reverence and a Cool Down.


At the barre a series of exercises are done to warm up and strengthen the body as preparation for the second part of class.

Strengthen, lengthen and tone your body.


In the center, you learn steps, positions, and poses to gain a basic movement vocabulary of ballet. You repeat exercises from the barre and learn steps that develop into dynamic movement combinations.

Improve your balance, flexibility and coordination.

Révérence and Cool Down

At the end of the traditional ballet class, dancers perform a révérence, a short combination in the center in which men bow and women curtsy, to thank the teacher and the musician for dance, if your class has one, and say good-bye. The ballet class ends with students applauding the teacher and musician for dance.

Cool-down exercises include slow movements and stretches that allow your body and mind to relax and regain balance before leaving the studio.